My Wildflower Heart - December 2021
(in response to Nikita Gill's poem - Wildflower Heart)
My heart has been torn, ripped apart, sewn back together,
threads woven by family, friends, fur babies, beautiful people
I am made of broken pieces, risen from the ashes of my broken heart,
embers, still warm and glowing orange, lit by touch paper,
reignited by the fire in my belly, the creativity in my soul
In the darkness of the soil, the seeds, lay dormant, resting,
before ascending, unveiling, unearthing, birthing, emerging
Delicate and fearful at first, blinded by the light but also guided & drawn
by the strength & magnitude of the sun, buoyed by it's energy
Unfurling and growing, standing steadfast in my healthy roots,
buffered by the worst the outside world can muster,
I will weather this storm
Has Beans -  June 2019
We talk of lost tea towels
and the use by date
of leftover beans
Has beans
Conversing in broken dialect
Nods, gestures and eye rolls
Where once we whispered
Sweet nothings in dulcet tones
We trade in shopping lists
And interrupted conversations
Snatched glimpses
Of our former selves
On rare ventures for two
When tiredness overtakes
Or drunkenness embroils us
In gripes and grizzles
Grumbles or belly laughs
The swing o'metre
Never quite knowing
Which way
It will go
The Rice - March 2021
The rice that fell on the cellar floor
Tip toeing around it once more
Little grains wedged between my toes
Who left it there?
Nobody knows!
Another task to add to the list
of unfinished tasks
An overwhelming list of daily monotony
helpless, pointless, drudgery,
forgotten me
Who left the rice on the cellar floor?
1,2,3,4,5 grains? No… more!
Scooped into a neat little circle
but slowly, spreading,
venturing outwards
Each grain taking their own little journey,
outwards, onwards, upwards they go
Travelling by sock, or by dog, or by toe
Venturing out of the house with four walls,
sweeping up concrete, scaling down walls
On some crazy adventures,
down a stinky drain,
swept away by the water,
swirling, whooshing, twirling, drowning, sinking,
lost in the darkness and the twisting tunnels